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An Osteopathic treatment or program given as a gift at Christmas is a health intervention 

given to a loved one. We will honor that gift with professional assessment and treatment to make a change or facilitate a change. We always coach and encourage our clients to understand their problems so that they can be self-motivated and able to manage their own spinal health. One treatment can be very effective, and three treatments can allow for more time to find one's own way. However, the aims for one treatment are the same as three. Gift someone you love with the gift of health 

If you are a regular patient, we want to recognise your comittment by helping you create an organised program of self care with the chance of a discount . 


Green and Gold Minimalist Holiday Greeting Merry Christmas Card.png
Green and Gold Minimalist Holiday Greeting Merry Christmas Card.png

Think we could help a friend, loved one or relative ?

Then why not buy them the gift of a full assessment and treatment at spinalsolutions . When you buy this gift for £40 you get also the bonus of £5 off your next treatment as gratitiude from us .

As a gift you must buy before Dec 15 2023 the giftee must redeem their voucher before or on  Feb 14 2024 

To purchase and gift this please CLICK BELOW 

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