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Online/Face to Face Treatment

The current demand for online treatment in combination with face to face treatment  has been driven by the opportunities presented by new technology and by the unfortunate arrival of COVID 19 as a pandemic for this country and the world . Telemedicine or 'online 'is a necessary requirement for all clinics providing Physical Therapies and is recommended by the governing bodies and health service .  We still provide a service for face to face treatment and this can be combined with an online experience which  really adds the extra support of exercise , nutrition etc. Clarifying the understanding of what may be causing your pain and problems can be achieved well with this combination approach . 


However the evidence to support this form of clinical  ' interaction ' reflects patient satisfaction and efficacy .

Effective pain control and treatment can be achieved with specialised rapport, listening skills and the use of very simple equipment.


The directness of technique and 'touch -therapy is still needed however and we provide this in combination with online treatment . It is true also to recognise that some clients may benefit from either one in isolation . Our plan at the practice always involves engagement and agreement with the client, so that the best benefits are achieved .

The technique has to be paired with the practitioner experience. Certainly at spinalsolutions we have the experience of treating many varied conditions as well as spinal pain  and other  muscle  strains and dysfunctions . 

More recently we have a Podiatrist , Soft Tissue Specilaist (Massage ) Therapist and Counsellor working with us at the practice 






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